Parker is my first conformation dog and entering this world was not on my radar when I picked him.  His breeder, Kelli Mullen, however had her eye on him and we agreed that if he looked promising, I would consider showing him.  When he was just under 18 months, we entered him in a large Golden Specialty.  Kelli showed him (top left picture) and he won his class in 3 out of the 5 shows.  While he matured, he showed in other venues and returned to conformation at age 3.  He quickly went RWD at a 5 pt specialty.  Since I didn't want to send him out, we did ringside showing which meant he was showing sporadically. We also used several handlers based on who was available. He received both majors in one weekend at a large Specialty. He also took a BOB over specials on his way to his Championship.  As we are busy with a lot of dog sports, I have not shown him past his championship except at the Golden National in 2017 where he made the first cut. 

                Show                                                  Date        Points               Judge                        Results        

Golden Retriever Club of Illinois                06/18/17         5          Mr. Jay Richardson            RWD

Burlington WI Kennel Club                          08/01/16        2          Mrs. Elaine J Lessig            BOB

Kenosha Kennel Club                                   09/11/16        2          Ms. Linda Robey                 WD

Land O'Lincoln Golden Retriever Club      10/28/16        3          Mr. Willam Rodriguez        WD/Major

Land O'Lincoln Golden Retriever Club      10/29/16        4          Rachel McKee Sager          WD/Major

Pontiac Kennel Club, Inc.                             11/10/16        1          Mrs. Anne Katona              WD

Starved Rock Kennel Club                           12/08/16        2          Carolyn A Herbel                WD/BOW

Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc.                         01/14/17        2          Sam Houston McDonald   WD/CH

Parker Movement 2018.jpg
2017 National Specialty Salisbury MD