Parker's Kids

Accomplishments and Brags!

  • Zee earned his TKN at 6 months

  • Donna Hartwig and JJ earned their  UD, CD, CDX, BN & CGC titles by 18 month

  • Jacqui Johnson & Jolt and Todd Whitney & Effie qualified for the NADD dock diving Championship

  • Jennifer Rudolph and Gambit earned their NA, NAJ, CGC and Achiever Dog titles at under 2 years

  • Todd Whitney and Effie earned their first dock diving title DJ

  • Andrea Carter and Zia earned their CGC title

  • Francene Andresen and Airen earned their CGC title

  • Liz Cardello and Autumn earned their CGC & TKN titles

  • Nancy Youngen and Andi earned their Novice Tricks TKN title

  • Jessica Anderson and Liberty earned their CGCA & CGCU titles

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